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River and Hudson's Summer 2021 Litter

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We excited about our first litter between Hudson and River. We are expecting a beautiful litter of puppies around August 25!!  Hudson and River are both Chocolate Phantom Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles. The puppies will be Chocolate Phantom, solid chocolate and chocolate parti. Hudson is a laid-back, affectionate, extremely smart dog. He weighs 37 pounds. Unlike most studs, he LOVES his puppies and likes to be with them. He lets them climb all over him and even sleep on him!

River is a rambunctious, fearless, clever girl whose personality continues to develop. River's Guardian Family adore her. River weighs 26 pounds, so these will be smaller dogs than my past litters. We expect the puppies' adult weight to be between 25-35  pounds. 

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Pups From This Litter

We currently have no puppies from this litter. We will be loading individual pup information and photos as they become available. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when they have puppies.