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Pet Delivery Nanny

Pet Delivery Nanny 1

Meghann and Seger

I am excited to be able to introduce prospective puppy parents to an amazing Pet Delivery Nanny who can fly your puppy directly to you if you are unable to pick up your puppy yourself. I do not ship puppies, however I have had great experiences with Meghann Artz who has flown my puppies to new families. THERE IS A $50 CHARGE FOR THE CERTIFICATE OF VETERINARY INSPECTION for airplane travel that the puppy owner will be required to pay before the puppy can be delivered.

Meghann lives here in Ohio and is the dog mom of Briggs (Goldendoodle) and Bristol (Great Dane). She is also an experienced puppy trainer and has assisted in several of my Puppy Culture training events. She is a professional photographer and I’ve hired her to do all of my Providence Labradoodle professional puppy photo sessions. You can check her photography out at https://meghannartzphotography.passgallery.com/client. You can also see the beautiful work she’s done on my puppies on this website.

Meghann loves being a puppy nanny. “Getting to share the moment new families meet their new fur best friend is so rewarding,” says Meghann. 

New families work directly with Meghann to set up the puppy delivery plan. As part of this plan, Meghann keeps in mind the needs of the puppy (potty breaks, feeding, nap time, exercise) so that the puppy is as comfortable as possible for the duration of the trip. The puppy goes into a TSA Approved Pet Carrier that is placed under Meghann’s seat. She will not place a puppy in cargo nor allow a puppy into any dog stations.

I highly recommend Meghann Artz as a dutiful and experienced Pet Delivery Nanny should you need someone to bring your new family member to you. 

If you would like to contact Meghann with questions about her services or to schedule a delivery, please call  or text her at 270-839-0201.

Pet Delivery Nanny 2

Meghann and Rex (Seger)

Rex (Seger) is ready to fly!

Pet Delivery Nanny 3

Rex (Seger) in Travel Bag

This little boy is on his way from Ohio to Oklahoma with his Pet Delivery Nanny.

Pet Delivery Nanny 4

Traveling in Style

Rex's (Seger) carrier fit perfectly under the seat where he can hear the sound of Meghann's soothing voice.