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Reservation List For Ohio Labradoodles

Ohio Doodle Puppies

SPRING Labradoodle LITTER 2019

UPDATE: All puppies have been sold for this litter.  

I am now accepting applications to reserve a puppy from my next fall litter.  I will be breeding Magnolia and Hudson.  Puppies are expected to be creme, apricot/red, black and parti.  The adult weight is expected to be between 40-50 lbs. 

Here is the reservation list for Scarlett's Spring 2019 litter of puppies. I already have several families interested so fill out an application as soon as possible to reserve a puppy. CLICK HERE.

The cost for a puppy is $2400 (does not include taxes)

Deposits of $400 

The deposits will hold a puppy for you and will be in the order received. The balance needs to be paid by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old. 

WAITING LIST (Scarlett's litter)                                          

1. Providence Labradoodles- Female                                          

2. Heather Krieg - Female 

3. Jeannine Hovey - Male

4. Kylie Ireland- Male

5. Lynne & Joe Barone

6. Patrick & Leah Mullen - Female

7. Carol & Jeff Saurer - Male

8. Rachel & Greg Winter - Male

9. Abbey Stemler - Female