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Baxter & Bella: The Online Puppy School

Baxter & Bella

Baxter & Bella

Providence Labradoodles is excited to partner with Baxer & Bella: The Online Puppy School! 

Baxter & Bella offers 75 step-by-step lessons, well over 100 how-to video demos, unlimited LIVE! one-on-one professional help, online classes, courses and events, as well as training games and activities, printable charts and checklists, and so much more.

One of the advantages to using this program is that I will have already started your puppy on this program before they leave the nursery. I use the Baxter & Bella training guide to expose each puppy to early, hands-on training. By using their online classes, you will be able to continue what I started.

And Baxter & Bella isn't just for puppies. You can use it on older dogs as well. If there are some bad habits you want to break, or you want to train your dog in new areas, you will have access to this under one puppy training fee. It's not limited to one dog. 

As a partner of Baxter & Bella, I am able to offer you a $60 savings on your puppy training program. Just use the code PROVIDENCE when you sign up.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my experience with this truly amazing program! I love the versatility of having the classes at a time when it's convenient for me, doing them at home in their regular environment, and having a lifetime membership to use over and over again. 


To learn more about this amazing puppy training program, click here: BAXTER & BELLA

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